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How to Hang Your New Chair

Christianne BellesComment

One of our most common questions is "How do I hang my new chair?"

The answer depends on where you plan to hang it! Your new hammock chair is hugely versatile and can be hung indoors, from a healthy tree branch or from an overhead beam of your porch, patio or deck! Each Lofty Vibes Hammock Chair comes with a heavy-duty metal hook at the top. This hook can easily be hung from any manner of hammock supports.

Below are a few of our favorites:

  • Good old fashioned rope (rated for at least 1,000 lbs) and an S-hook or carabiner. If you're unsure of which rope to purchase, ask at your local hardware store and they will guide you. Wrap your rope securely over a tree branch or support beam, make a tight knot (check youtube for short knot tying tutorials if your knot skills need some brushing up on). Slide your S-hook onto your rope. Hoist your chair into the air and slip it onto the other end of the S-hook and you are GOOD TO GO.
  • Hang kits like this are readily available. Or you can buy all these parts at your local hardware store.
  • This crazy thing that attaches to the back of a truck. Out there, but I mean, yes, right?
  • Hire a handyman - if this is just a bit outside of your comfort zone, ain't no shame in hiring out the job. 

Optimal hanging height for your chair should measure at 67 in (or 5.75 ft) from the wooden spread bar of your chair to the ground - this should leave you about 2 feet between your chair and the floor!

Lofty Tip: Test before you rest! Before hoppin' on in, test your ropes and fittings (if applicable) by tugging on them with your full weight. Next, try sitting in your hammock, first, with your feet solidly on the ground to ensure that all is secure and solid.

... and now, you're set! Sit back and enjoy your new Lofty Vibes Hammock Chair!